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Targeted Announcement Quick Guide

1. Log into Edison State College portal
2. Click "Create / Manage Announcements" under the Manage Announcements channel
3. Click "New Announcement" button
4. Fill in "Announcement Subject" and "Announcement Message"
5. Click Next
6. Select "Imported Groups"
    a. Select all the imported groups you would like to send to by holding down "ctrl" and clicking the left mouse button
7. Click Next
8. Delivery Destination
    a. Check off Channel use "Personal Announcements"
    b. Check off E-mail to send email to all imported groups you selected
9. Delivery Date and Time
    a. The date and time are filled automatically but can be changed to a specified time and date.
10. Click Next
11. Review announcement
12. Click "Schedule Announcement" to send the announcement

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