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What is the Student Aid Report (SAR)?

The Student Aid Report (SAR) summarizes the information you submit on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and provides you with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

After you complete and submit the FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov), you'll get your results in an e-mail report by the next business day after your FAFSA has been processed or by mail within 7-10 days. This report is called a Student Aid Report or SAR. Your SAR details all the information you provided on your FAFSA.

If there are no corrections or additional information you must provide, the SAR will contain your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is the number that’s used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. Whether you applied online or by paper, data will automatically be sent electronically to the schools you listed on your FAFSA, so please make certain to list Edison’s code of 001477 to ensure we receive your report.

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