Qualtrics Survey Tool

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a web-based survey research software licensed by Edison State College (ESC) for use by Edison faculty, staff, and students.

Qualtrics allows users to conduct research , and collect information for data-informed decisions in support of the College’s mission and goals.

  • Surveys – build, distribute, analyze surveys
  • Tests & Quizzes
  • Polls
  • House data
  • Generate charts and graphs

Who can use Qualtrics?

Surveys can be created and distributed by faculty, staff, and students via an Edison username and password. Surveys distributed for research to be presented or published publicly must follow guidelines to ensure human rights are protected through Edison’s Institutional Review Board.

How do I login to a Qualtrics account?

ESC official faculty, staff and students can create a Qualtrics account using your Edison username and password. You self-enroll and create an account. Log in or Create an Account Here. You must use your Edison username and password. The link brings you to the Qualtrics entrance via the Edison Portal. This account will be immediately available to create and distribute surveys.

Link to Qualtrics: http://edisonstate.qualtrics.com

Technical Assistance


Contact Qualtrics by phone at 1-800-340-9194.