Basic Skills Review

Located in the Academic Success Center, A 112

Do you need to take or re-take the College Placement Test (FCELPT)? Do you want to brush up on your math, reading, and language skills? Visit the Academic Success Center to access Skills Bank, a self-paced interactive computer program that gives you practice in English, Reading, and Math. This tutorial program helps students acquire the review needed to achieve success on the FCELPT (College Placement Test) or as extra practice while taking a class.

Helpful resources and practice tests:

  • Palm Beach Community College CPT Test Review CPT Test Review and Practice: This one is from Palm Beach Community College, Student Learning Center, Lake Worth Math Lab. To help you prepare for the CPT test, you are provided with a Skills Assessment to help you identify skills you need to remediate. After you take the Assessment, you complete the Prescriptions that target those skills. You are recommended that you read the Chapter Reviews; do the Extra Practice exercises; and take the Practice Tests. Take the Comprehensive Review as final practice.
  • Santa Fe Community College CPT Review This has Reading Examples, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra Examples Online Study Guides for Reading & English Accuplacer CPT Both English (Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension)
  • Accuplacer Practice Test is a resource that contains practice tests to give you an idea of what types of questions will be on the placement test. This web site also contains links to help you improve the areas in which you need review. Valencia Community College, has links to websites that review English, Reading, and Mathematics.
  • My Math is a great sample of what the Accuplacer math test looks and feels like. This test was created by the NASSAU Community College Math Department. Internet Explorer must be used to access this test.
  • is a wonderful website to study any math from Basic Math to Calculus. We recommend the Pre-Algebra and Algebra sections.
  • Purplemath.comYour Algebra Resource. This site has a great selection of pre-algebra and algebra practice questions and resources to help brush up those forgotten algebra skills.
  • Monroe Community College CPT Review
  • Practice questions for like and unlike fractions.
  • Practice questions for Ratios, Rates and Proportions.
  • The Counseling and Advising Center of Monroe Community College offers these     practice questions in Adobe® Acrobat® (pdf) format. In order to view and print         these, you must have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. The   reader is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe® Web site.