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Advisory Board

2013 Advisory Board

Richard Aiken
 Chair, Board of Trustees, Lee Memorial Health Systems
Jade Dellinger
 Director of Exhibitions and Collections, ESC
Jeff Elsberry, Ph.D.
 Associate Dean, Cardiopulmonary and Emergency Care Programs
Jacob Goldberger, M.D.
Karen Nathan, Ph.D.
 Community Member
Edith Pendleton, Ph.D
 Dean of Libraries, ESC
Gina Sabiston
 Service Learning Coordinator, Lee County School District
Vicki Santini, R.N.
 Health Department Chair, Lee County School District
Roger D. Scott, M.D
 Retired Surgeon; Curator Emeritus, Museum of Medical History, ESC
John W. Sheppard
 Community Member
Dean Traiger, M.D
Gary Trippe
 Community Member
Ann Wilke
 Executive Director, Lee County Medical Society


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