TLC Services

The TLC offers workshops on selected topics; resource centers on each campus with books, periodicals, and electronic resources; and recognition awards. In addition, we facilitate departmental and discipline discussion groups. Go to the Events link for a schedule of current offerings. Go to the Contact Us link to provide feedback on services that you would like to see offered through the TLC, or to communicate your interest in being a presenter.


Content experts from within and outside the Edison State College community will deliver workshops on each campus on a wide range of teaching and learning topics throughout the academic year. Suggestions for developing additional Teaching and Learning Center services are welcome. This is your Teaching and Learning Center. The TLC will thrive and grow only if Edison faculty members actively use and contribute to it.


Faculty members interested in making Office 2007 work for them on specific classroom presentations, handouts, graphs, etc. can contact us to schedule a one-on-session. These are half hour sessions to show techniques for using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to make things a little easier. Bring us what you are having difficulty with and we will walk you through it.
(Currently only available on Lee Campus)

Resource Centers

Resource centers are located on the Charlotte Campus in room LS-122, on the Lee Campus in Robinson Hall, room I-123, and on the Collier Campus in room F-219/F-221. Each Campus TLC has a collection of resources, including books, journals, and DVDs, for faculty and staff to peruse on site or check out from their Campus Library. Suggestions for TLC resource center collections are welcome.

Recognition Awards

Each academic year, nominations will be sought from students, administrators, and peers for various awards recognizing excellence in teaching. One example of a peer-nominated award is the NISOD Excellence Award. Faculty receiving this award will be recognized at the NISOD conference in Austin, Texas, as well as at the Edison College fall convocation. For more information about the NISOD Excellence Award, go to