Tutoring Services

Edison Collegiate High School is committed to the academic success of its students, and we would like for students and parents to be aware of multiple tutoring opportunities that are available.

  • Teachers All teachers are available for assistance after school on days that they designate for assistance.  Students must arrange for tutoring  with their individual teachers in advance. 
  • ECHS Tutor:  Mr. Howland  is available after school for tutoring assistance in the subject areas of English (for reading comprehension and writing) and social studies.  In addition,  Mr. Howland can also provide additional support with organizational skills, study skills, test preparation, time management, and note taking. Availability for tutoring with Mr. Howland will be based on each student’s level of need and then on a first come/ first served basis.   Please contact Mr. Howland at chowland2@edison.edu for more details or to request his assistance.
  • Peer Tutoring Program: Peer tutors will receive training from the Edison State College Academic Success Center; following that, students will have the opportunity to receive assistance from their peers, in all subject areas, after school.  Look for announcements regarding this exciting program.

Parents, please encourage your student to take advantage of these services if he or she is having difficulties. We look forward to providing each student with the highest level of support during this school year and beyond!