Lee Campus Staff

Lo Furlow

Student Life Specialist
image of lo furlowLo Furlow is a Student Life Specialist at Edison State College – Lee Campus. He is responsible for Intramural Sports and Student Life Recreation. He is an alumni of Florida Gulf Coast University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a double minor in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Science. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Florida Gulf Coast University. His future goals are completing his Doctorate in Education and to continue becoming a role model of hard work, dedication, and fun. In his spare time, Lo enjoys thinking, sporting events, and producing and writing music.

photo of Tara MarionTara Marion

Student Life Specialist
Tara is a Student Life Specialist at the Lee Campus of Edison State College. She is the individual who oversees the student clubs and organizations on campus. She specifically works with club representatives in many aspects of their student organizations including planning, review, and assistance with club events, travel and fundraising. She is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with Bachelor degrees in business management and marketing.

photo of eric barretoEric Barreto

Student Life Specialist
Eric is a Student Life Specialist for the Edison State College at the Lee Campus. He oversees graphic design and marketing projects for The Office Student Life. The majority of his time is spent photographing, designing, producing and planning marketing materials for The Office of Student Life, clubs, and organizations. Eric graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor degree in visual arts with a minor in marketing.