BIT - Behavioral Intervention Team


The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a collaborative interdisciplinary committee of district college officials.

BIT is intended to meet two distinct objectives. First, the BIT enhances institutional awareness of potential threats to campus safety. Second, the BIT can provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to assess and manage problematic behavior before this behavior becomes a formal violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

BIT encourages faculty, staff, and students to report behavioral issues that represent disruptions that may affect the learning environment.


Public Safety - 941-637-5608
Associate Dean/ Enrollment Management/
Student Affairs
Dean/Academic Affairs 941-637-5672



Public Safety 239-732-3712 x3712
Associate Dean/Enrollment Management/
Student Affairs
239-732-3953 x3953

Hendry Glades

Public Safety 239-432-6703
Coordinator/Student Services 239-432-6703
Campus Dean 239-432-6714
Coordinator/Academic Services 239-432-6768



Public Safety 239-489-9203 x1203
Ombudsman/Counseling Services
239-489-9046 x1046
239-489-9388 x1388
District Dean/ Student Services 239-489-9027 x1027