Dining Email:

Catering Email:

Dining Services, Director:
Robert Christoffel
(239) 489-9073

Charlotte Cafe, Manager:
Eric Durst
(941) 637-5697

Collier Cafe, Manager:
Amy Peters
(239) 732-3739

Dining with Connect Cash

How to eat on campus with Connect Cash

  1. Add value to your Connect Card at the Cashier’s Office or Online.
  2. Make purchases at any ESC dining location
  3. Hand the cashier your Connect Card for payment at checkout – 10% off discount will be applied
  4. The cost of your purchase will be deducted directly from your Connect Cash account
  5. Finally, check your receipt for the remaining balance in Connect Cash


For more information, please visit our connect card page or contact the Connect Card Office:

Phone: 239-432-6700