Office of Field Experience


The CoOP model places k-12 students at the center of learning in which teacher candidates learn theory and philosophy through innovative curriculum offered through a consortium of institutions. Field experiences for the Bachelor of Science in Education occur in three levels: foundation, practicum and internship. Foundation courses require 15 hours of small group and one on one instruction. In these courses the pre-teacher candidates practices specific skills that have been introduced by the college professor. Practicum teacher candidates are in the classroom once a week for ten weeks. They are required to develop and deliver 5 whole class lessons. Within final internship, the teacher candidate experiences full classroom take over for 4 to 6 weeks. The teacher candidates gradually take over all responsibilities during this time and then again gradually release them at the end of the semester.

All summer placement will be made individually by the Office of Field Experience.  No application is necessary for these placements.  Fall 2013 applications have been sent to respective districts.  Please check your emails for placement information closer to August. 

In order to be placed
  1. Make sure you have submitted your application online.
  2. Taken your  required state test if you are going into practicum II or internship.
  3. Have completed all of your critical task with a 75% or better.
Spring Start Dates

Foundation: February 3

Practicum: January 20 – April 4

Internship: January 7 – April 25



Director of Field Experience

Bldg. U office 214K
Phone: ( 239) 489-9366
Fax: (239) 432-5209


Mentor Rationale


15hrs small group and individual instruction

Final evaluations due April 25


35 hrs. 5 lessons /10 weeks

Benchmark evaluations due February 21, Final evaluations due April 25


Full takeover  over 16 week period

Benchmark evaluations due February 21, Final evaluations due April 25