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Current Research Projects

Benyak, Donalie - "Advertising: Does it Exploit and Reinforce Myths on Culture and Gender Roles?“

DeGroot, Bonnie L. "Age and Growth of Lutjania Analis Collected from the Gulf of Mexico“

Johnson, Paulette - "Aids: An Evolutionary Disease“

Guthrie, Kimberly - "Alfred's Contribution to the English Language“

Lake, Mary C - "Bronte's Heroines: Victorian or Villainess?“

Powers, Donna - "Comparative Efficacy of Betadine, Alcohol, and Nolvasan on Escherichia Coli Cultures“

Escosa, Magdalena B - "The Development of Goya Through the Romantic Period“

Pointer, David Dennis - "The Development of Logarithms“

Sumner, Teri I. - "Effective Compensatory Education“

Bretschneider, Noreen - "The Evolution of the Natural Rights of Man in Constituional Government"

Phreed, Victoria - "Existentialism and Death Anxiety“

Wall, Nancy D. - "Female Alcoholism“

Cantos, Chris - "The Future of Children's Television: From Toystore Shelves to the Small Screen“

Rieck, Mary E. - "Gender Rules: How They Influence Communication Between Men and Women“

Kaletta, Susan - "Heroines of Celtic Myths“

Carbone, David - "An Investigation of the Perceptive Audio Differences Between Analog and Digital Recordings in Selected Music Students“

Quirie, Camie - "Iron as a Deadly Mineral“