Phi Theta Kappa

Alpha Upsilon Nu Chapter
Edison State College – Collier Campus

2007 – 2008
Meetings for Fall 2007 Semester:
2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month

Chapter Officers:

Debbie D’Orazio

Vice President of Scholarship:
Daniella Pool

Vice President of Leadership:
Sambry Gonzales

Vice President of Service:
Amanda Gagnon

Vice President of Fellowship:
Victor Diaz


Camila Avila

Academic Advisor Paul Deschenes (732-3918, Office A-116)

International Honors Society
Our Hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship

The 2004-2006 Scholarship Topic:
Popular Culture: Shaping and Reflecting Who We Are

The 2004-2006 Service Topic:
Conquering Cancer: Continuing the Fight

Past Activities:

7/15 – 7/17/05
Florida Honors Institute (St. Petersburg)

Labor Day Muck About

Regional Leadership Conference (Orlando)

Blood Drive

10/28 – 10/30/05
Regional Convention (W. Palm Beach)

Planned Activities:

11/15 – 11/18/05
Week of Events for Founder’s Day

Blood Drive

4/20 – 4/22/06
International Convention (Seattle)

5/5 – 5/6/06
Relay for Life

Previous Years Officers and Activities:

Alpha Upsilon Nu
2004 – 2005 Officers

President: Janet Mitchell
Vice President of Scholarship: Liz Gronlund
Vice President of Leadership: Dasha Regel
Vice President of Service: Ashley Carroll
Vice President of Fellowship: Tamara Paquette
Treasurer: Jennifer Ackerman
Secretary: Erica Lora


Assisted with Voter Registration Booth
New Member Orientation
New Member Induction
Voters Information Booth
Light the Night Walk
Foundation Fighting Blindness 8K Race Assistance
Regional Convention
Heart Walk
“Friends of the Troops” Christmas Cards
Pizza Party
Gifts & Phone Cards to Military Personnel in Iraq
Assisted Multicultural Club with “Hope for Haiti”
Pop Icons Road Trip
MS Walk
Human Trafficking Booth
International Convention in Dallas
“Meet Your Administrators” Leadership Breakfast
Cancer Alliance of Naples Bike Race Volunteers
Participated w/SGA in the Great Dock Canoe Races

Alpha Upsilon Nu
2003 – 2004 Officers

President: Kari Sizemore
Vice President of Scholarship: Alison Thom/Janet Mitchell
Vice President of Leadership: Ivan Ularich
Vice President of Service: Martina McNaboe
Vice President of Fellowship: Alexa Tizzard
Treasurer: Jennifer Thomas
Secretary: Brandy Hoard
Fall Club Rush Booth
Fellowship Pizza Party
Fall Induction Ceremony
Three Submissions for Regional Individual Writing Awards
Four Members Attended Regional Convention & donated books/food/blood
Fellowship Halloween Party
Fall Student Lecture Series: 1. The History of Mathematics; 2. British Culture; 3. Einstein’s e=mc2; 4. Muslim Culture
Christmas Cards for Friends of the Troops
Campus Tour Guides for Greater Leadership of Naples
Fund Raiser – Rummage Sale
Clothing donations to the Immokalee Shelter
Furniture donations to the Salvation Army
Fund Raiser – Valentine Roses
Rose donations to the Oncology Ward a NCH
Fund Raiser – Raffle
Spring Club Rush Booth
Rocking Horse donation to the Abused Women’s Shelter
Spring Induction Ceremony
Multiple Sclerosis Walk
Spring Lecture Series: 1. Calculus; 2. Vietnamese Culture; 3. Irish Culture; 4. Cinematic Heroes
Submission for International Award for Outstanding President
Three Members Attended International Convention & donated phone cards for Hope Shelter
Fund Raiser – Relay for Life Penny Drive
Fund Raiser – Car Wash
Teddy Bear donations to Kids with Cancer
Fellowship Potluck Party
Participation in graduation – Marshals and Tickets

Alpha Upsilon Nu
2002 – 2003 Officers

President: Chris Foster
Vice President: Joel Threlkeld
Treasurer: Niurka Herrera
Recording Secretary: Heather Reahard
Public Relations Secretary: Anne Collins


Fellowship – Welcome Back Pizza Party
Club Rush Booth
Fall Induction Ceremony
Submission for Regional Award for Chapter Fellowship
Submission for Individual Regional Award – Poetry
One Member Attended Regional Convention
Participation in the AVID Tutoring Program
Fellowship Christmas Party
Christmas Cards for Friends of the Troops
Participated in Petition for Tax Relief for College Students
Spring Induction Ceremony
Multiple Sclerosis Walk
Donations for the Troops through the Red Cross
Two members attended the international Convention
Fellowship Pizza Party

Alpha Upsilon Nu
2001 – 2002 Officers
President: Michael Berquist
Vice President: Elijah Anthony
Treasurer: LaMonte Hambrick
Secretary: Sherry Stokes


Participation in the Collier County Community Counts survey
Club Rush Booth
Fall Induction Ceremony
Fellowship participation in the Caribbean Fest
Christmas Cards for Friends of the Troops
Two members attended the regional convention
Participated in the Anti-Smoking Campaign
Fellowship Pizza Party
Participation in the AVID Tutoring Program
Christmas caroling at the Candlelighters (Kids with Cancer) Christmas Party & $200.00 donation
Fund Raiser – Valentine Raffle
Spring Induction Ceremony
Scholarship Topic Essay Competition